November 2016

1) The Guild holiday party will be on Saturday December 3 from 6-10 PM at Heavy Seas.  Our club table theme will be “Beer – breakfast of champions.”  We will select food items and figure out who is bringing what.  (An offline discussion was held toward the end of the meeting but I did not attend as I was busy drinking beer.)  You might want to wear whatever you normally sleep in, e.g., pajamas or a bathrobe.  (If you sleep nude, you might want to forgo the wardrobe thing.)  Order your tickets here:
2) CRABS had a great showing at MALT’s Turkey Shoot.  Zach Keim won one category and took 2nd in two categories.  Ben Schwalb won two categories, and also took a 2nd and a 3rd.  Mike Stuppy took a 1st and a 2nd, and got 3rd place best of show.  The pièce de re résistance was Trevor Rose, who won best of show out of 143 entries.  See all results at at
3) Congratulations to Craig Bryant, who won the WTMD homebrew contest.  His beer will be brewed at Brewers Art.
4) The 2017 CRABS competition schedule will be finalized and sent out in the next few weeks.
5) Les will again be teaching a BJCP course.  It will run on Sundays around 2 PM from late February / early March until sometime in May.  Cost will be about $100.  If you’re interested, email Joe
6) This month’s competition was porters and stouts.  There were 12 entries.  The winners were:
5th– Rob Farrell
4th – Jason Heinen
3rd – Trevor Rose
2nd – Bryan Franz
1st – Rob Kiernan
7) Next month will be the CRABS holiday party.  No competition.  The CRABS Brewer of the Year will be announced.  (Hint: it’s Zach Keim.)  We will have pot luck food, and also a 750 swap for those who wish to participate: bring a 750/bomber (wrapped so its identity is hidden) and pick another one at random.  Also, we’d like to see beer donations (commercial or homebrewed) for the Heavy Seas crew for letting us use their space.  Put your name on it if you’d like them to know who donated it, and if it’s homebrew, please write which beer style it is.
8) Go to for CRABS-related information.


November, 2016