Meeting Minutes


1) Lots of great beer including several that folks brought from Asheville.

2) Crabs4CRABS was another success.  Lots of people attended.  Thanks to Les for providing mac+cheese and Don for procuring 3 bushels of crabs.

3) Tonight, Thursday 9/21, Brad Smith will be at Maryland Homebrew 7:00-8:30 PM talking about BeerSmith and how the new version will work with mead and cider.  This is a free event.  If you want to go, RSVP to Chris at

July 2017

It was a warm night and the brewery was even warmer (hot actually), but we had plenty of commercial and hombrewed beer to keep out minds off how much we were sweating. 

It was another month of welcoming several new perspective members.  We were joined by Alfred, Ted, and brew partners Dwayne & Chuck.  We also had Mike and Denny visiting from Rochester NY and decided to stop in to check us out.  Their friend Steve has visited us every fall for the past several years and is spreading the word. 

May 2017

1) A big turnout with lots of great beers, including both commercial and home-brewed New England IPAs and sours; and a crowler of Two Paws, a collaboration between Checkerspot and Flying Dog.  (Some CRABSters went to the Two Paws release at Flying Dog last Friday.)

March 2017

1) On March 4, 10 CRABSters poured kegs of homebrew at the DC Brewer’s Ball.  It was well received by the crowd.  The event raised $276,000 for cystic fibrosis.  We might get a mention in the July issue of Zymurgy.
2) We’re hoping to put together a trip to Asheville NC on September 15-18.  Let Joe ( know if you’re interested.

February 2017

1) In addition to beers we had some fantastic homemade ice cream made with imperial stout.  Thanks Craig and Rachel!
2) On March 4, CRABS will have 10 members pouring at the DC Brewer’s Ball in exchange for free admission.  Tickets are $150 and include unlimited food and beer from 38 professional breweries, 4 homebrew clubs, and 23-24 restaurants.  See for event details.

December 2016

1) Our holiday party had a great showing, with lots of great food and beer, as well as a 750 swap and beer donations for the Heavy Seas folks.
2) CRABS won the club table competition at the Guild holiday party for the second year in a row, this time with the theme “Beer – breakfast of champions”.  Also, the Guild raised about $7000 for various charities.

November 2016

1) The Guild holiday party will be on Saturday December 3 from 6-10 PM at Heavy Seas.  Our club table theme will be “Beer – breakfast of champions.”  We will select food items and figure out who is bringing what.  (An offline discussion was held toward the end of the meeting but I did not attend as I was busy drinking beer.)  You might want to wear whatever you normally sleep in, e.g., pajamas or a bathrobe.  (If you sleep nude, you might want to forgo the wardrobe thing.)  Order your tickets here: