Meeting Minutes

October 2016

1) The Guild holiday party will be on Saturday December 3 from 6-10 PM at Heavy Seas.  Please send along your ideas for the CRABS club table theme.
2) This year marks the 35th anniversary of CRABS.
3) The Baltimore Craft Beer Festival will take place this Saturday October 22 at Canton Waterfront Park.  Nepenthe Homebrew will host a homebrew contest there.

July 2016

1) Another great turnout with some new faces and lots of great beers from many breweries including Wicked Weed and Russian River.
2) This Saturday 7/23 is the Hometown Brewdown in Catonsville.  Some CRABSters will be pouring beer.  You can attend even if you don’t bring beer.  See for more info.

June 2016

1) Once again, a great turnout with several new faces.  There was also a plethora of great commercial beers.
2) The National Homebrewers Conference was great fun.  We poured beer on Thursday and Friday night.  Joe O’Keefe, Rob Farrell, and John Jester all had beers in the final round of the competition.  About 30 CRABSters attended.  You can read a recap at

May 2016

1) Great turnout again with several new faces.  Special thanks to Craig Bryant for bringing two great beers from Troegs.
2) If you ordered a CRABS work shirt and don’t have it yet, contact Joe at .  He also has T-shirts if you want them
3) Big Brew at Maryland Homebrew was a bit smaller than usual because there were events at 5 other locations, so the overall Maryland turnout was quite high.  A total of roughly 300 gallons was brewed (93 of it at Maryland Homebrew).

March 2016

1) Nicely attended meeting with several new folks.  Lots of great beer as usual.  Special recognition to Jason Heinen for his spectacular Chianti Lambik.
2) For the National Homebrewers Conference:
  • Registration is still open – go to
  • We will have a 10-by-10-foot space for Club Night and we will be in close proximity to other MD clubs.
  • Electrical hookups are going to cost about $100.  We are trying to negotiate.

January 2016

1) CRABS won the club table competition at the Guild holiday party, and we will do the watermen theme again at the National Homebrewers Conference (NHC).  The event drew 295 people, and well over $7000 was raised for various charities.
2) Get your 2016 club dues to Don.  They are $25 for individuals and $40 for families.
3) 2015 Homebrewer of the Year ribbons were given out.  See for the winners list.

December 2015

1) A great array of food, beer and people, plus a 750 swap, made our holiday party terrific.  We also donated a significant amount of beer to the Heavy Seas staff for letting us use their facilities.
2) CRABS won the club table competition at the Guild holiday party.  Kudos to those who contributed, particularly Jeff Adelsberger for all his great work.

November 2015

1) A great turnout tonight – about 30 people.  Lots of different beers too.
2) We had a visit from Katherine Porter-Drapeau of the AHA.  She flew into Baltimore with 8 other AHA folks to scope out the Convention Center for next year’s NHC in Baltimore on June 9-11.  She gave us the following info:
·There will be accommodations for up to 88 clubs on Club Night (7-11 p.m. on Friday the 10th).
·The Hospitality Suite (aka Social Club) will have 36 taps for us to put beers on (clubs get 2-hour slots).