Meeting Minutes

December 2015

1) A great array of food, beer and people, plus a 750 swap, made our holiday party terrific.  We also donated a significant amount of beer to the Heavy Seas staff for letting us use their facilities.
2) CRABS won the club table competition at the Guild holiday party.  Kudos to those who contributed, particularly Jeff Adelsberger for all his great work.

November 2015

1) A great turnout tonight – about 30 people.  Lots of different beers too.
2) We had a visit from Katherine Porter-Drapeau of the AHA.  She flew into Baltimore with 8 other AHA folks to scope out the Convention Center for next year’s NHC in Baltimore on June 9-11.  She gave us the following info:
·There will be accommodations for up to 88 clubs on Club Night (7-11 p.m. on Friday the 10th).
·The Hospitality Suite (aka Social Club) will have 36 taps for us to put beers on (clubs get 2-hour slots).

October 2015

1) We had a visit from Kevin Berry, a former Baltimore-area homebrewer who moved to Denver a few years ago.
2) Our theme for the Guild holiday party, which will be on December 5, is crabbers/watermen.  A sheet for ideas will be sent out in the coming weeks.  This will make a good dry run for club night at the NHC next June.  Also think about what type of beer you want to brew to go with the theme.  Old Bay gose?  Oyster stout?

August 2015

1) As expected, a light turnout due to several members attending MASHOUT.  We just had a relaxing meeting with no competition.

2) Crabs4CRABS will happen on Sunday September 13 at Guilford Park in Savage.  Free for members, and also for family members if you have a family membership, otherwise $20 for guests.  In addition to crabs there will be brisket, chicken, and Les’s crab mac-n-cheese.

May 2015

1) Big Brew was a success as usual.  There were 5 clubs, 34 brewers, and 174 gallons brewed.
2) Joe O’Keefe and Rob Farrell won ribbons at BURP’s Spirit of Free Beer.  Rob got a first place in the Scottish/Irish category with his “Keep Your Kilt On” Scottish light.  See all results at
3) The CRABS food and beer pairing will be on Sunday May 31 at 2:00 PM at Trevor’s house.  A Google docs link will be sent so you can sign up and seek a partner for your food or beer.

April 2015

1) FOAM will hold their annual Battle of the Bubbles on May 17.  You can register beers until May 9.  See for info.

2) The next Beer & Bikes event will be on Sunday April 26 on the Baltimore-Annapolis Trail.  More information is forthcoming.

3) Big Brew will be on May 2 at MDHB.  Guild will supply brats, veggie burgers, kraut and some other stuff.

4) The CRABS food and beer pairing will be on Sunday May 31 at Trevor’s house.  Time TBD.