Meeting Minutes

July 2014

1) Guild T-shirts and glasses are available.  E-mail Les if you want some.
2) This Sunday 7/20 will be Beer & Biking 2.  It will begin at the Corner Stable in Columbia at 10:00 AM.  Their website is  From there the group will bike to Union Jack’s and/or Clyde’s, Second Chance, and then back to Corner Stable.

June 2014

1) It was hot in the brewery!

2) Several CRABSters went to the National Homebrewers Conference in Grand Rapids.  They brought back some New Glarus beers for the club and will start bringing them to meetings next month.

3) Congrats to Glenn Quinting for taking a second place for his Dark American Lager in the National Homebrew Competition.

4) This Sunday there will be a bike+beer ride in Columbia starting at 10 AM.  An e-mail with more details is forthcoming.

5) There will be a fundraiser with homebrew tasting and live music for a co-op in Catonsville on Saturday August 2 from 2-6 PM at a private residence at 120 Forest Drive, Catonsville MD 21228.  Please consider attending and sharing your brews.  Go to for a list of upcoming events and other info, or e-mail Ben Blank at  

6) MASHOUT registration is open.  It will be held at a hop farm 20 minutes south of the old site.  Go to to register.

7) This month’s competition was session ales.  There were 9 entries.  Winners were:

5th place: John Jester
4th place (tie): Jeff Adelsberger
4th place (tie): Don Zwach
3rd place: Rob Farrell
2nd place: Jason Heinen
1st place: Joe O’Keefe

8) Next meeting: Wednesday 7/16.  It will feature the same-grain-and-hop competition.  See for the recipe.

9) Go to for CRABS-related information.

Upcoming events:

•    Aug 14-16: MASHOUT.  Featured will be a club collaboration contest: members of 2 or more clubs must brew the beer.  And don’t forget Sour Hour, run by CRABSter Jason Heinen.
•    Sunday 9/14: Crabs4CRABS.

May 2014

1) Thanks to Les for providing food.

2) Several CRABSters will be going to the National Homebrewers Conference in Grand Rapids next month.

3) Congrats to Glenn Quinting for making it past the first round in the National Homebrew Competition.

4) Congrats to Joe O’Keefe for getting a 2nd place at the Spirit of Free Beer, and Rob Farrell for getting *two* 1st places.  See complete results at

February 2014

Date: Wednesday, Febuary 19
Place: Heavy Seas
  1. We had a great turnout: 30-40 folks.  Only one woman though.  And it wasn’t me in drag.  This time.
  2. Dues are due.  $20 for individual and $30 forfamily.  Pay up!  I’m a heeb and even I’ve paid.
  3.  We will have our Iron Brewers competition in March.  You can brew any style of beer, but it must include 2 out of 3 of the following ingredients:
    • rosemary
    • cucumber
    • sour cherries

January 2014

Date: Wednesday January 15
Place: Heavy Seas
  1. BOTY (brewer of the year) awards were handed out. The winners were:
    • 5th place: Rob Kiernan
    • 4th place (tie): Jarrod Salvestrini
    • 4th place (tie): Mike Stuppy
    • 3rd place: Craig Bryant
    • 2nd place (tie): Tim Brown
    • 2nd place (tie): Jeff Adelsberger
    • 1st place: Joe O’Keefe
  2. Dues for 2014 are $20 for individual and $30 for family. Some folks paid at the party; the rest of you deadbeats need to pay Don.

December 2013

Minutes from December 2013 CRABS holiday party
Date: Wednesday December 18, 2013
Place: Heavy Seas
  1. Once again the CRABS holiday party was a smashing success, with lots of great beers, food and people. Kudos to Rick Croup for bringing vintages of Sierra Nevada Celebration from 2005-2013.
  2. The officer "election" resulted in Trevor being ousted for prez and all other offices remaining the same.
    • President: Joe O'Keefe
    • Vice president: Jeff Adelsberger
    • Secretary: Ben Schwalb
    • Treasurer: Don Zwach

October 2013

Minutes from October 2013 CRABS meeting
Date: Wednesday October 16, 2013
Place: Heavy Seas
  1. Tickets go on sale for the Guild holiday party on Thursday October 17 at 7PM.  See the Guild web page at .  We need to coordinate beer, food and decorations for Club Hour.  Grover suggested pedophilia and sodomy.  Anyone have a windowless van?

September 2013

  1. Heavy Seas's new hospitality manager Dan Bueter gave us a tour of the newly expanded brewery, with a brand spanking new cold room and tasting room. The tasting room will eventually be a bar where they can sell beer by the pint. There is also an outside deck. Looks like we have a new local hangout.
  2. There were some great beers, both homebrewed and commercial. Kudos to Drew Morgan for his great Belgian IPA and to Craig Bryant for bringing some Three Floyds beers.