Meeting Minutes

May 2015

1) Big Brew was a success as usual.  There were 5 clubs, 34 brewers, and 174 gallons brewed.
2) Joe O’Keefe and Rob Farrell won ribbons at BURP’s Spirit of Free Beer.  Rob got a first place in the Scottish/Irish category with his “Keep Your Kilt On” Scottish light.  See all results at
3) The CRABS food and beer pairing will be on Sunday May 31 at 2:00 PM at Trevor’s house.  A Google docs link will be sent so you can sign up and seek a partner for your food or beer.

April 2015

1) FOAM will hold their annual Battle of the Bubbles on May 17.  You can register beers until May 9.  See for info.

2) The next Beer & Bikes event will be on Sunday April 26 on the Baltimore-Annapolis Trail.  More information is forthcoming.

3) Big Brew will be on May 2 at MDHB.  Guild will supply brats, veggie burgers, kraut and some other stuff.

4) The CRABS food and beer pairing will be on Sunday May 31 at Trevor’s house.  Time TBD.

January 2015

1) Some new members this month.

2) Parenthetical note: there were 4 Bens there, including Joel’s son.

3) 2015 dues are due.  $20 for individual and $35 for family to Don.

4) The Iron Brewer competition ingredients are hazelnut, dates, and coffee.  Beers must contain at least two of them.  Competition will be in June.

5) The April clone competition will be Kwak.  See

October 2014

1) We have a few new members.  If it weren’t for the Alzheimers I’d remember their names.

2) The Little Havana Homebrew Showcase was another success.  11 CRABS folks attended and a few placed 13th or better out of 42 entries.

3) We’ve been doing periodic Bikes & Beer events.  Email Joe at for info.

September 2014

1) Crabs4CRABS was a successful event.  We had ~35 people and lotsa crabs and beer.

2) The Guild crab feast will be this Saturday 9/20 at Ridgely’s Run Community Center in Jessup.  All sold out.

3) The Duclaw Real Ale Fest will be this Saturday 9/20.  See for tickets and info.

4) The Maryland Microbrewery Festival at Union Mills will happen on Saturday 9/27.  See for tickets and info.

August 2014

1) Dan no longer works at Heavy Seas.  Although rumors are flying, we have no confirmed details.

2) This Sunday 8/24 will be Beer & Biking 3.  It will begin at the Severna Park Taphouse, then proceed on the B&A Trail to Bill Bateman’s, then to nearby Adam’s Ribs.  Bikers are welcome to drink/crash at Ben’s place the night before.  E-mail Ben at if interested in the overnight option.

3) CRABS will make a charitable donation for NoVA due to the death of one of their members this past weekend.